How to Connect Pro to Apple Health & Google Fit for Data Transfer to MyHealth

If you haven’t connected your FitTrack Pro to your Apple Health or Google Fit, it’s time to do so. Your data will move with you from the point you link your accounts onward and will be available in MyHealth when you make the move.

How to connect FitTrack Pro to Apple Health or Google Fit 

Step One: Open FitTrack Pro and Tap “Me”.

Step Two: Tap "Sync Health Report." If you have more than one FitTrack Pro user profile, specify which user's data you wish to sync to your device’s Apple Health or Google Fit account. 

Step Three: Turn on "All Permissions". 

Step Four: The FitTrack Pro app will now pass your FitTrack data to Apple Health or Google Fit. 

When you activate MyHealth and connect Apple or Google, your data will appear in MyHealth.