Weight is just one number. With FitTrack Smart Scales, you can track 15 important body composition measurements to help you
understand your full health picture with detailed history and personalized insights.

Have you ever wondered what a "good" Metabolic Age is? How to get rid of subcutaneous fat? How to impact your BMI? Our Head of Fitness Programming, Evan Lee, is here to answer all your questions about how to use your FitTrack Dara Smart Scale most effectively.

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These are the first metrics to get familiar with. If you're just getting started, find your baseline on these metrics before moving on to others.

You're more than just your weight. With the FitTrack app, you get your detailed body composition history and
personalized insights, so you can begin to understand what works for you. By staying focused on the bigger picture you
can reinforce positive behaviors to help you reach your goals. Our scales are designed to help motivate you and show
you the progress that is hard to measure on traditional scales.

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Make the most out of your smart scale

Understanding the metrics is only half the equation though. Using your scale properly is going to get you the most accurate measurements.

Time of Day:

We recommend using the scale first thing in the morning, before breakfast. This helps make sure you're measuring just your body, not the food you've been eating all day.

Calibrating The Scale:

To get a proper reading:

  • Lay the scale on a smooth, flat surface like the bathroom floor.
  • Step on and off quickly so the screen displays 0.0 - then you're ready to get your measurement. Don't step off too early!
  • Wait for the "..." and your weight to reappear.

Meet the expert

Evan Lee, our Head of Fitness Programming, is here to help you reach your fitness goals! A
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