A Simple Mobility Routine To Improve Your Overall Health

Sitting all day will damage your health – and studies prove it. Add in more movement during your day for a healthier you, and yes, also a leaner version of yourself.

You don’t have to do strenuous workout routines – just simple movement hacks that are proven to work and will only take you a couple of minutes each time. Here’s how to apply the tip of the day.

How To Do It

You’ll combine the 5-minute mobility routine with more frequent movement.

Simple. Here’s the protocol to follow:

Stand up and walk for 2-5 minutes per every 30 minutes you’ve spent sitting down.

Do your mobility routine at least once a day.

Simple and straight to the point. Now, let’s check how to do the mobility routine.

How To Do The Mobility Routine?

The routine is actually pretty simple and you should take you approximately 5 minutes - here’s how to do it:

➤ Neck circles - 5 each side

➤ Shoulder circles (both shoulders) - 10 each sense (forward and backward)

➤ Arm circles (both arms) - 10 each sense (forward and backward)

➤ Wrist circles (both wrists) - 20 each sense (right and left)

➤ Hip circles - 20 each sense (right and left)

➤ Knee circles - 10 each sense (inwards and outwards)

➤ Ankle circles - 20 each sense (right and left)

Do it 1-2 times per day and you’ll feel much better.

Why Does It Work?

The mobility routine and the advice on standing up after sitting up for several minutes works because it helps you to prevent and even reverse the damage that implies sitting down for extended periods of time.

Let’s check the evidence:
It can cause multi-layer tissue damage on the buttocks - which can provoke pressure ulcers (evidence)

Sitting too much can cause heart damage, muscle degeneration, poor circulation in legs, foggy brain, disk damage and even increase your mortality rate (evidence)

Now that you know the health hazards - it’s time to move more frequently!