Breathe Your Way to a Healthier and Happier You

Breathe profoundly for more energy, more clarity, more focus, and a happier you.

The perfect complement to continue your journey to healthier mornings to set the tone for better days. Here you will learn the breathing exercises that will take your wellbeing to the next level.

How To Do It

You can choose any of the breathing exercises we will explain to you. You can switch them depending on the day - but the benefits will be the same.

Here’s how to do exercise #1:

➤ Inhale as much air as possible through your nose while raising your arms above - pointing towards the sky

➤ Retain the air in your lungs and fully stretch your arms. Keep this position for 5-15 seconds

➤ Exhale all the air calmly while lowering your arms slowly until they are on your sides and there’s no more air to exhale

➤ Repeat the same process for 5 minutes

And here’s how to do exercise #2:

➤ Sit down comfortably

➤ Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds

➤ Retain the air for 5 seconds

➤ Exhale the air for 5 seconds

➤ Repeat until you complete 5 minutes

Simple and straight to the point.

The Benefits

Breathing exercises will set the done for an amazing day because they will deliver the following benefits:

✔ They lower the levels of stress and anxiety

✔ They increase energy levels

✔ They improve focus, alertness and mental performance overall

Now you know why they’re part of your morning routine - because they will pave the way to an amazing day.

The Science Behind the Benefits

It’s time to speak facts - to see the science behind the power of our breathing exercises. Here you have it:

Evidence. Deep breathing improves cognitive function and reduces the negative effects of stress.

Evidence. Deep breathing exercises combat anxiety, depression, and stress emotional exhaustion.

Evidence. Deep breathing raises energy levels and boosts metabolism.

Now that you know that science is on your side - it’s time to put these exercises in practice. You’ll win big time, promise.