Connect Your Smart Scale To Your Plate

You may have noticed that your FitTrack App has changed drastically, and one of our favourite MyHealth upgrades is the nutrition tracking.

With MyHealth nutrition tracking you can track what and when you eat to see how it impacts your body and your Smart Scale results. Not only that, but we have nutrition plans available to help you make the lasting lifestyle changes you want to see! People all over the world are now using this feature, and we’re excited for you to try it as well.

Your Personal Nutrition Plan

Getting started is simple. We’ll start by giving you a daily recommended calorie & nutrient plan so you always know what—and how much—to eat.

Made For You

Your plan is built specifically for you, and gives you a breakdown of calories, protein, fat & carbs. Our technology uses your personal health metrics to create tailored, customized plans to help you hit your goals.

Track Your Food

So how do you make sure you’re sticking to your plan? Simple. Tap into a database of over 5 million foods to easily log what you’re eating, when you’re eating. Search for foods or add your own recipes with our easy-to-use interface. Then, see how your calories and macros impact your body by using your Smart Scale.

Start tracking today with your MyHealth app—we promise you’ll love it! 

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