Scan. Tap. Done.

Meet your new tracking BFF—MyHealth+ FoodScan. The easiest way to track your food.

MyHealth+ users can simply use their phone camera to scan their snacks and meals. Whipping up a healthy meal and treating yourself to some chicken and veggies? Just scan the ingredients separately, and FoodScan will automatically detect the food plus its nutrition information. In an instant you'll see calories & nutrients in MyHealth+—it's that easy!

With FoodScan, you can spend less time logging and searching, and more time enjoying the food you love.

Here are more ways MyHealth+ will upgrade the way you track and eat:

Get daily calorie & nutrient recommendations based on your health goals and BMR.

Choose your dietary preferences from options like keto, paleo, vegan and more!

Quickly log calories & nutrients with FoodScan, barcode & package scanning, uploaded straight to your Food Diary—with 300K foods already available to log!

Track what you've eaten—and how much you have left—at a glance with your Food Diary.

Make sure you're eating right with advanced macronutrient tracking.

Get seamless results right from your smart scale.

Big changes happen when small changes are made daily. FoodScan makes this even easier by taking the tediousness out of food tracking. We're so excited for you to experience this MyHealth+ feature and can't wait to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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