How to Prepare The Perfect Meal for a Perfect Day

Your first meal will either boost the results of your morning routine or ruin them – it’s your choice. Hence, you need to eat a proper meal, or if you prefer, simply skip it. Here you will learn two approaches:

➊ How to prepare a health-boosting meal

➋ Fasting (you’ll simply skip the breakfast)

Either way, you’ll boost the results of your morning routine – to fuel your body with more energy and clarity for an amazing day.

How to Do It

Your first meal should be full of healthy fats, protein, and if you prefer, complex carbs. If you opt for simple carbohydrates, your insulin blood levels will spike and that will give you a boost in energy - but it’ll crash soon afterward. And that will ruin the rest of your day. Not good - here’s how to do it better:

➤ Cook 150-200gr of a high-quality protein source (for example beef, fish, lamb, etc.)

➤ Accompany it with a portion of healthy fats (for example avocados, nuts, eggs, etc.)

➤ Serve yourself 100gr of leafy greens

➤ Optional: serve yourself a side of complex carbs such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Did you forget to buy a high-quality protein? No worries. You should always keep a container of whey protein for these cases - just 1-2 scoops and that’s all.

Remember, this all is about making it easy to transition to a healthier life - and simple hacks like the protein whey one will go a long way.

Do You Prefer to Fast?

Good. Then all you need to do is to wait until it’s lunchtime. During this time, you can drink water and tea - and if you tolerate it, you can also drink coffee.

We recommend this approach if there’s nothing healthy to eat for breakfast.

The Benefits

We can call this a high-protein breakfast with a fair dose of healthy fats, and hence, you will obtain the following benefits:

✔ You will burn more calories - and hence - more fat

✔ You will increase your muscle mass

✔ You will stabilize and boost your energy levels

As you can see, it’s the perfect way to solidify the benefits of your entire morning routine.

The Science Behind the Benefits

Let’s speak facts once again - to show you the scientific evidence that supports this type of meal:

Evidence. High-protein meals boost fat loss and improve satiety levels

Evidence. High-protein meals improve body muscular composition

Evidence. High-protein meals improve energy metabolism, and hence, will make you feel more vital and energized

Now you know how to start your day the right way with a meal guaranteed to ensure success!