Is your Body Fat Percentage right?

What is a healthy body fat percentage?


Understanding body fat is important – and to do this we need to understand the biology behind body fat itself.

Let us look into and dig deeper to find out more. First, what is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat Percentage is the total mass or amount of fat in the human body. The following are the important compositions that make up the body fat percentage:

Essential or Necessary fat

Essential or Necessary fat is needed for your body to function healthily. Without essential fat, our bodies would not be able to process nutrients like vitamins A, K, and D, that support our immune systems, helps produce healthy blood, and encourages the absorption of calcium. It is also important to protect our organs and to form the insulation that regulates our internal temperatures.

Storage or Non- essential fat
Storage or Non- essential fat is the result of consuming too many calories. Storage fat is the result of calories that are not used for immediate functions (such as breathing and heart rate), they are usually stored in the bones, muscles, organs, and central nervous system. Triglycerides make-up these "storage fat" as a result of a conversion. The frequent consumption of calories more than what we need results in storage fat accumulation, which then ends up in weight gain. This differs from what a recurring calorie deficit is, which is a process that forces the body to use "storage fat" as energy which then exhausts its supply and will result in weight loss.

Learning more than the composition will help us understand how to be healthy and remain fit,  knowing what a healthy body percentage will determine whether you have a normal, average or close to having a perfect body with your body fat percentage or the opposite.

Healthy body fat percentage
A healthy body fat percentage is the proportion of fat to total body weight. There are numerous factors to take into account when considering this number. In a manner of speaking, men ages 20-40 start as low as 5% and can reach up to 20% is considered the ‘healthy’ range, while a healthy woman having the same age group could be anywhere between 15 and 31% body fat.

This chart shows a clearer picture for better understanding.

What is your body fat percentage?
Tracking your body fat percentage is important to know whether your progress is good or bad. Luckily, there are several methods available for determining your body fat percentage – including FitTrack, our smart scale and body analyzer which measures your body fat levels and sends them directly to the FitTrack App for easy tracking. To be regarded as ‘healthy’, men should aim between 5 – 15% and women between 15 – 21%.

Here are some must-see pictures, that shows what a healthy body is with their own corresponding correct target body fat percentage, and well, to motivate you too to aim for that awesome bod!

Have more than just a healthy body fat percentage but a healthy life
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