Making it mandatory to wear bikini bottoms has no place in today’s sport.

We believe that athletes should not be judged on the clothes they wear, but on their performance. We are appalled at the recent fine handed out by the European Handball Federation to the Norwegian Women's beach handball team for deciding to wear shorts, rather than revealing bikini bottoms.

Being forced to wear clothing that has nothing to do with performance, and all to do with an outdated and sexist view of women’s sport, has no place in modern society.

While we recognize that the fines handed out may seem small ($175 / €150 per player), we also acknowledge that other women’s teams, with a historical background of being underfunded and underpaid compared to their male counterparts, may not be able to afford this.

So this is why we are offering to pay the fines for ANY Women’s beach handball team competing in the remaining games, who chose to wear shorts not bikinis.

(Photo Credit: Norwegian Handball Federation)