Meet The New FitTrack App

Hi FitTrackers!

We can’t wait to show you what’s been cooking in the FitTrack lab. In fact, when you weigh in over the next few weeks, you’ll get a look at a whole new app design, built to take you closer to your goals.

The new FitTrack experience is based entirely on your feedback. We’re making it easier for you to view and track your progress, giving you a whole new home screen, detailed metric cards, better connectivity—and that’s just the start. Get ready to see even more exciting additions to your new FitTrack app - called MyHealth - in coming months.

FitTrack Pro Users, Read This 👇

If you’re currently using FitTrack Pro, you’ll receive separate instructions for updating to FitTrack MyHealth. Rest assured: all of your data will be safely transferred, as will your favourite features - in a more accessible format, so you can drive simpler, more effective action.

We couldn’t do it without you

We’re all about progress over perfection. That’s why we read and onboarded comments and requests coming in from our 800k worldwide users to bring your experience to the next level - based entirely on what you want.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming this week
Your experience is about to get smoother and simpler.

Focus on what you need to know right now

  • Understand your 17 metrics at a glance with a sleek new home screen.
  • Stay on track and accountable with the daily data you need - from your Dara results to sleep and activity monitoring.
  • Weigh in more easily with improved Dara-MyHealth connectivity.
    Stay motivated with easy-to-track progress
    • Toggle quickly between 7-day, 4-week and 12-month views, with added details about your metrics to see how far you’ve come.
    • Get an even better idea of how your habits impact your metrics when you connect Apple Health or Google Fit to MyHealth.

      Prepare For Even More Updates
      The average person has 4 health apps - and gets zero results.

      Over the next few months, MyHealth will fix that. We’re designing the app based on your feedback, to help you understand how all of your health data connects. Then, we’re using that data to bring you closer to your goals.

      MyHealth will act as a one-stop-shop for all of your health needs - including fitness, nutrition, and stats collected by Apple Health or Google Fit. Using all that data, we’ll help you take action on the full picture.

      There’s More To Come

      Keep your eyes on your inbox - and your app. You’ll receive a full breakdown of the new features you can expect from MyHealth, and all the ways it’ll get you closer to your goals!