Plan Ahead to Seize Every Single Day

As you've probably guessed, health is more than ripped abs and single-digit fat levels. It has to do with your entire well-being, and that involves your mind.

When you don’t have a set order for the things to do during your day, stress and anxiety will strike in. And the effect will be profound the more disorganized you are.

Here you’ll learn how to organize and plan your day ahead for a more relaxed and happier you – and yes, also a healthier version of yourself.

Here’s how to accomplish it.

How To Do It

Set an hour in the day when you will sit down to plan your next day - it could be preferably in the night.

You will grab a piece of paper, a pencil and you will draw three columns like in this chart and fill it the way we’ve done as an example:

minimal daily planner

You’ll structure your day the same way, where high priority tasks come first, low priority next, and if you have enough free time, then do your optional activities.

Simple and easy.

Why Does It Work?

When you don’t have a clear notion of what to do during the day, it’s easy to lose time, and hence, control. When you lose control, you begin to feel powerless and overwhelmed, and that transforms into more anxiety and stress. And that’s unhealthy.

Furthermore, this simple hack will allow you to stop procrastination, and if you’re a business owner, then it will allow you to identify what tasks you could delegate.

For example, in the chart we shared with you, you could easily find someone to check and reply to comments and social media messages for you - and that’d save you plenty of time that you could dedicate to high-priority tasks, or simply call it a day and just spoil yourself a little bit.