The Amazing Potential of Cold Showers

What if we told you that you could burn more fat, enjoy better mental health, and boost your productivity within only 5 minutes?

Welcome cold showers – the way to unveil these and more benefits.

The next element to add to your morning routine, to set the tone for healthier and better days.


How To Do It

As simple as it sounds - it only takes a cold shower for 5 minutes. But unless you’re brave enough to go all-in - here’s how to proceed until you get used:

➤ Splash cold water on your face

➤ Put your arms under the shower one by one

➤ Do the same with your legs

➤ Now bring your chest to the shower

➤ Sparse the water with your hands

➤ Turn around and, slowly, get your back under the shower

➤ Let the shower wash your head now

➤ Now take a proper cold shower for 5 minutes

Still too harsh for you? No problem.

Simply begin by taking a short shower with warm water, and gradually, turn it to cold water. After that, take your cold shower for 5 minutes.

The Benefits

Cold showers are a sure way to boost your health - and it all comes down to the benefits. Here you have them:

✔ They promote and boosts fat loss

✔ They improve mental health and performance

✔ They increase alertness and focus

✔ They improve blood circulation

✔ They improve mood

All of which translates into a healthier, leaner, and more active version of yourself.

The Science Behind the Benefits

The science supports our claims - here is the evidence:

Evidence. Exposure to cold temperatures allow your brown fat to activate, which accelerates your metabolism, and hence, leads to fat loss

Evidence. Cold showers improve mental and health and combat mild depression

Evidence. Cold showers have been proven to increase blood circulation - something that will fully awake you in the morning

Evidence. By taking cold showers you will improve your mood for the entire day

Now you have a full set of reasons to take cold showers part of your morning routine. Do it.