#FitTrack21: How to Participate

How to Participate in #FitTrack21

First of all, if you haven't yet, you'll need to head here to formally register for the contest. Once you do, you'll receive an email that sends you back to this page where you can download your pledge card:


Wait a sec, there's more:

To start 2021 off on the right foot, we're breaking up with the idea of resolutions and "quick fix culture." Instead, we're embracing motivation, accountability, and validation as our guiding lights and focusing on making lifestyle changes that stick.

In other words, we're saying au-revoir to those 5 lbs we keep gaining back and bonjour to marching steadily towards a healthy body and a happy mind—for life!

Because that's what this challenge is about.

Building healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Here are the steps you need to take to get in on it:

Step 1) Know Your WHY

Building healthy habits is hard work. So before you get started, you have to understand why you want to change something about your lifestyle. Without that, it's going to be too easy to quit when the going gets tough. It helps to practice "bigger picture" thinking here and to tie your goal to a "because."

For example, "I want to exercise more" is not very concrete or motivational. However, saying: "I want to exercise more because I want to reduce my risk of injury and live a longer, healthier life with my family." 

Step 2) Define Your Habit & Tell it to the World

Now that you understand your motivation, you can clearly define your new habit, tell it to the world, and officially join the challenge.

(And maybe win $5,000 worth of prizes along the way 😉.)

Make sure your habit is very clearly defined because doing so will help you hold yourself more accountable. Let's refine the example from before. 

Instead of: "I want to exercise more."

Try: "I want to exercise 3x a week."

By turning your habit into a clearly defined, specific goal, you'll have an easier time building it over three weeks. And when you announce it to the world using your pledge card, you'll make it even more concrete.

Step 3) Share Your Journey Along the Way

We'll send you tips and different ways to win bonus points (like finding hidden keywords we've scattered throughout the internet). We'll also prompt you halfway through your journey to share your progress with your community. This might be a scary thought, but every time you stop and take a moment to reflect on your journey—its highs or its lows—you're standing up and telling yourself (and the world) that you're doing the work.

That kind of validation, plus a few other tricks we'll send your way, is going to carry you through the next 21 days and help you solidify your healthy habit.

To use a familiar saying, "every journey starts with a single step." 

So take yours this year, and leave quick-fix culture behind.

Just remember: Change won't stop if you don't.