The Power of Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning

It’s logical. You’ve been sleeping for 6-8 hours – or perhaps more – and that’s several hours without drinking water. You’re dehydrated and that’s the first thing you should upon rising up: hydrate yourself to ensure the right start to your day.

How to Do It

You only need to go to your kitchen, drink 3-4 glasses of water, and call it a day. Make sure to really feel how it goes down your throat and refreshes your entire body. Bring your focus to the sensations.

The 3-4 glasses mark is a good starting point – but you can increase it as you progress. Happens that most people don’t hydrate themselves properly in the morning, and hence, small steps are required to introduce the change in your life.

The Benefits

The benefits that this simple health habit will have a profound effect on your life:

✔ Healthier cardiovascular system

✔ Your body will feel cool

✔ Your energy levels will rise

✔ You will improve your focus

✔ It improves your alertness

✔ It jump-starts your metabolism

That is why it’s a solid foundation for a healthier life – the benefits are several and powerful.

The Science Behind the Benefits

Let’s speak facts now – to see why our claims have strong scientific support. Find the evidence below:

Evidence. Water is essential in the transportation of nutrients, blood circulation, and thermoregulation – hence drinking water in the morning will strengthen your cardiovascular system, cool down your body, and raise your energy levels.

Evidence. Dehydration will reduce your mental performance, and hence, drinking water first thing in the morning will combat such effects. In consequence, it will boost your alertness and focus

Evidence I. Evidence II. Water has been proven to induce thermogenesis; hence, it boosts the metabolism and the subsequent fat loss, making this habit a strong ally to help you lose weight.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy these benefits – integrate this simple habit to your morning routine every day and you’ll see amazing results.