The Secret to Staying Motivated


Staying motivated can be the hardest part of any fitness program. Hitting plateaus, boredom and procrastination, and even bad weather can all derail your health and wellness journey.

With that in mind, we’ve put together FIVE tips you can start using right now to stay motivated!

1) Set goals. We recommend using the SMART method to set your fitness goals:

  • Specific: Your fitness journey should have a clear and concise destination in mind. “Getting fit” isn’t as effective a goal as “running a faster mile,” or “adding twenty-five pounds to my bench press.” Don’t be afraid to set multiple goals, either!
  • Measurable: Make sure you record each step you take towards your destination. Use FitTrack’s 17 key health indicators to help!
  • Attainable: Ambition is important, but your destination has to be one you can realistically reach, otherwise you might find yourself discouraged. Set goals that demand work, but that you know you can achieve.
  • Relevant: Connect your fitness goals to other areas of your life to make them more relevant. Maybe you want to enjoy more active time with your children, or you want to impress your partner. Make your goals personal and unique to you.
  • Timely: By putting a deadline on your goals, it’s easier to ward off procrastination.

2) Build a team: Exercise with friends and family to hold each other accountable. Announce your fitness goals, and check in with the people who are on your journey with you. Training is harder when you’re on your own, so build a team of people who can support you and who you can support in turn.

3) Reward yourself: Every time you reach a milestone, reward yourself with something simple. Buy some new clothes, go see that movie you’ve been waiting for (but skip the soda!), or indulge in a reasonable portion of your favorite cheat food. Positive reinforcement works wonders!

4) Love yourself: You're on a journey of self discovery, so take a break every once in a while to appreciate what you’ve learned. Try keeping a photographic diary so that you can see your progress. Learn to see yourself in a new light, and don’t forget to cultivate some love for yourself along the way.

5) Accept mistakes: Setbacks are going to happen. Don’t hold them against yourself, and don’t get discouraged. Instead look for opportunities to learn from your mistakes, so that you can create strategies to avoid them in the future. No one’s journey is a straight, linear progression.

Motivation can be hard to maintain, but if you use these tips you’ll be able to cultivate a positive attitude and strengthen your resolve as you continue on your health and wellness journey 💪.