The Wonderful Effects of Light Therapy

You shall look for the light – that’s what your body and mind crave.

Exposition to it in the early morning will regularize your circadian rhythm – allowing you to enjoy more energy during the day and restful nights.

From now on, light therapy will become an integral part of your daily routine – as it will allow you to set the tone for a more productive and happier day.

How To Do It

Simple. You go and expose yourself to the sunlight for 5 minutes. Be it through a window, at your balcony or if you decide to go for a small walk - just make sure to expose yourself to the light.

Exposing your face and hands is enough to feel a difference - but if you can expose more parts of your body, go for it. You could wear a swimsuit, for example, and let the sun do its magic.

It only takes 5 minutes, but of course, you can eventually increase it to 10 minutes as you feel more comfortable. But for now, to make the habit stick, focus on completing it for 5 minutes.

What To Do If There’s No Sun?

You have some workarounds this when there’s no sun shining in the sky. Here’s how to do it:

➤ Buy a light therapy lamp

➤ Buy a sunlight bulb

➤ The advantage of this is that you can get naked and allow the light to cover your entire body. However, if you can get exposed to sunlight, do it.

The Benefits

The benefits of light therapy emerge from the boost in vitamin D. Discover the power of this light therapy approach:

✔ It improves mental performance and brain health

✔ It controls anxiety and improves mood

✔ It regularizes your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle)

✔ It alleviates inflammation

✔ It lowers high blood pressure

It’s a cocktail of powerful health benefits and it only takes you 5 minutes - a no brainer!

The Science Behind the Benefits

Now it’s time to speak facts. Here’s the evidence that supports our claims:

Evidence. Vitamin D reduces inflammation, and therefore, following our 5-minutes light therapy will reduce the inflammation markers and the associated pain

Evidence. Adequate vitamin D levels reduce high blood pressure, hence, it’s a shield against hypertension - and it only takes you 5 minutes

Evidence. The deficiency of vitamin D leads to sleep disorders. In consequence, following our 5-minute light therapy will regularize your sleep/wake cycle, bringing you more energy during the day and more restful nights.

Evidence. The deficiency of vitamin D can lead to dementia, schizophrenia, and depression. Our light therapy routine will raise your vitamin D levels, protecting you against these dangers.

Evidence. Light therapy increases the levels of serotonin and melatonin, hence, it improves the mood and protects against depression

What are you waiting for? Integrate this into your mornings to experience the same benefits!