Track Your Way to a Healthier and Successful Life

Tracking your habits is the best way to ensure that you stick to them. Here you will learn how to do it to sustain your progress because your new morning routine will be the key to a healthier life and a leaner you – but the secret is consistency.

Here’s how to ensure it.

How To Do It

As you learn powerful habits that will lead to a healthier lifestyle, build the "master habit" of keeping track of the rest of habits.

Track them every single day of the week (at the beginning) with the help of a chart like this one:

Weekly habit tracker

Each day, you’ll mark the corresponding box with a check, to verify that you’ve accomplished the habit for the day.

This way you’ll track your habits to ensure that you do them every day.

What To Do If You Fail to Complete a Habit in a Specific Day?

First, don’t be hard with yourself. It happens. However, the key here is to never fail twice - if you fail today, then make sure that you’ll complete the habit tomorrow.

As simple as that.

Why Does It Work?

When you track things, you become more responsible. That’s how our minds work - and when it comes to habits and changing your behavior and lifestyle, this very same concept applies as well.

You’ll feel a deep degree of satisfaction every time you check the box - because it means you’ve accomplished something important - and that will unlock the domino effect that will take you to complete the rest of the habits.

So, use this chart to track your habits - because it will transform your life.