Why The Environment is Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

Times have changed but some things were meant to stay the same. One of them is our sleeping environment.

The bed is for two things only: Sleep & Sex. Not for work. Not for watching Netflix. Not for chatting on the phone.

If your room has anything that disturbs you and interrupts your sleep, then it's time to make certain changes and create an ideal environment. Here are 5 tips to create a relaxing environment.

Darken The Room

Natural & artificial light interrupts our sleep. Thus, sealing the sources of light and blocking the windows with dark curtains can stop l light from invading your bedroom. This type of environment will naturally induce a night of sound sleep. Also, replace your harsh light bulbs with gentle and soft lights.

Muffle Unwanted Noise By Using White Noise

Some alarm clocks accompany a feature that emits soothing sounds like forest chirping or water running, or you can buy a specific machine for this purpose. The background noise is designed to lull you into a relaxed state so you sleep better. These are good to have if you live in a rather noisy area, or if others in your family stay up late.

Maintain The Right Temperature

It is important to have the proper temperature in the room where you sleep.

Our bodies heat up when we sleep. This is because the sheets and pillows are cold when you sleep; however, as the night advances your bed sheet and mattress gradually heats up. This is why many people wake up with night sweats. In case of cold, increase the thermostat if required or keep the blanket near.

Try to keep a cool room temperature.

Remove Sleep Distractions

Do not watch TV or use a laptop or iPad on your bed. Electronic devices emit rays that suppress melatonin levels even with a blue light filter.

Working when you should be sleeping can disturb your sleeping routine.

Block all disturbances at bedtime. You can keep a book at your bedside, but make sure it’s a novel. Reading helps one drift off into a peaceful slumber.

You can take a warm drink or a warm bath before going to bed.

Make A Comfortable Bed

Sleeping in a comfortable bed can definitely offer you improved sleeping experience.

Use soft bed sheets, supportive pillows, and a warm blanket.

Using wrong size fitted sheets can also make you feel restless at night. Make sure you have a mattress of the right type and style. Keep your bedding clean. Washing your bedding with scented fabric conditioners will produce a calm sleeping environment.

Enriching your bedroom with right bedding is the most important task for a better sleep environment.