Why You May Need a Tech Detox Habit

Just go offline.

Social media and technology overall can overwhelm you, and hence, damage your health.

That’s why, in order to complement all of your new healthy habits, you’re going to let go – just set an hour each day to go offline. No smartphone, no internet, nothing.

Don’t you worry, it’s nothing too extreme! Here’s how to do it to improve your health to the next level.

How To Do It

It is very simple indeed - but we’ve broken it down into steps that you can easily follow. Here is what you need to do:

➤ Define a specific hour in the day when you’ll shut every down: phone, computer, laptop, tablet, television, etc.

➤ Just shut every down and don’t look back.

Easy and simple - the more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it.

It will allow your mind to rest from the hyperactivity that it undergoes every single day and set the tone for a restful night - which is essential to ensure a productive day.

Why Does It Work?

Because it allows you to improve your sleep quality, reduce your anxiety and stress levels, and simply bring you space to discover yourself without the noise of technology, social media, entertainment, and interruptions.

Excessive social media usage can lead to anxiety and depression (evidence I, evidence II) and bedtime screen time will affect sleep quality negatively (evidence).