How I Lost My Post Baby Weight with FitTrack


This post is a guest post contributed by Hayley Free Bordes. All opinions are her own. 

There is one question I get a lot, "How did you lose all of your baby weight so quickly?" I am currently seven months postpartum and got back to my pre-baby weight in only a few months after I gave birth. There is not just one thing that did it for me. There are a lot of factors that played into me losing the weight. It included the usual things like diet, exercise, and chasing my little ones around, but I also needed a way to meet my goals and stay on track. To do this I used FitTrack.  

Hayley Free Bordes unboxing her FitTrack Dara Smart Scale

As a mom of two young girls, I need to stay healthy and active to take care of them. They definitely keep me busy, but I still need time to take care of myself. With FitTrack’s technology, I am able to do just that. FitTrack is Smart Body composition monitoring. It monitors weight (kg, lb, st.), body fat & water percentage, as well as muscle & bone mass. It includes a complete body analysis Bluetooth scale known as The Dara BMI Scale. The scale itself has a very sleek design, which I placed in my bathroom. It also includes the FitTrack phone app which connects with the scale. Its patented technology allowing precise measurement within 300 grams, so yes, the scale is right, I do weigh 131.6 pounds.  It uses advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you stand on a FitTrack monitor, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen. 

Setting up the scale and app took less than five minutes to do, even with a screaming baby in the background. After I took the scale-out of the box and inserted batteries, I downloaded the FitTrack app to my phone. The FitTrack app requires you to create a login and then it automatically syncs via Bluetooth to the scale. You are required to enter some info about yourself into the app, and then you step on the scale for it to weigh you. Once you are weighed it uploads the weight to the app and calculates your BMI. 

Hayley Free Bordes using the FitTrack app

The app allows you to set your goal weight and keeps a history of each time you weigh yourself, so you can follow your progress and personalized insights. The app can also sync to your iPhone's Health app as well as a Fitbit if you have one. Since I do have a Fitbit I made sure to connect mine.

Since FitTrack allows you to connect multiple users, eight to be exact, my husband also downloaded the app and has also been using FitTrack to meet his goals. 

I typically weigh myself every few days to make sure I am maintaining and not gaining. With a low carb diet, exercise, and FitTrack, I am living a healthy life at my goal weight. I am so glad that I had FitTrack to keep me motivated to lose my post-baby weight and continue to keep it off.

Hayley Free Bordes running with FitTrack