Best Bathroom Scales For Weight Watchers

The Best Bathroom Scales

Why a BMI Scale is Good For Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a guide to a wide array of dieters dedicated to achieving their goals.

Body fat maintenance, gaining lean muscles, improving bone mass, and several other health-improving routines are among their health and fitness goals. And, well, Weight Watchers provides extensive features to help these dieters.

Using data points like age, height, weight, and sex to provide personalized wellness suggestions with detailed nutrition plans.

The myWW Green plan is a great way for newbie dieters to get their feet wet, as they will be given a sampling of healthy food items to build their meals around, while also getting to spend a sizable amount of SmartPoints on their favorite foods.

The myWW Blue plan is for those who like to keep things well-balanced, offering a moderate number of SmartPoints along with more healthy eating options.

And for the strictest dieters, myWW Purple gives you a smaller number of points to spend on the food of your choice, ensuring most of your focus is on healthy choices.

But while we all know that dieting is incredibly important in maintaining our body in the perspective of overall wellness. For example, regular exercising, monitoring changes, etc. So, Weight Watchers has your back when it comes to managing your diet.

Though, wouldn't you like to supplement your hard work with smart scales that analyze your body in terms of body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, etc.?

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Body fat scales, reveal accurate readings relating to your body composition such as muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water percentage besides the simple weight measurement.

Knowing your body mass index helps to put your body into perspective so you can better understand what this means for your overall wellness.

If it goes up but your muscle mass also increases, you might think twice about trying to lose more. This makes smart scales a powerful weapon in your health management arsenal. 


Some people might prefer to weigh themselves weekly or monthly, believing that excessive stressing can be mentally taxing, but daily weigh-ins have been shown to be an effective motivator in working towards positive overall health goals. Those who reported weigh-ins on a daily basis were more likely to see results within the following 12 months.


Best Weight Watchers Bath Scales


The Dara FitTrack scale is an excellent option for those trying to keep better track of their body composition and wellness. Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, this scale is able to determine your body composition based on the speed at which a safe electrical current is able to travel through the body.

What features can the Dara digital scale provide that  regular bathroom scales can't? Let's take a look at the different types of readouts available how they play into your long-term health goals.

  • Body composition scales¬†offer a readout of your BMI, which is the ratio that helps determine if your weight is healthy in proportion to your height. A high BMI is considered a potential indicator of many health issues such as breathing problems, gallstones, high blood pressure, some types of cancers, and more.
  • A lot of different factors go into your overall health, but many experts consider¬†body fat¬†percentage¬†to be closely related to many issues like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, strokes, and more.¬†
  • Body¬†water¬†percentage¬†affects so many other aspects. It helps to nourish our muscles and skin while regulating body temperature.
  • While low bone mass is not always a solid indicator that you will develop osteoporosis, keeping a log of your¬†bone density¬†can help a medical professional determine whether or not you may be in need of some sort of treatment (performing heavy exercises or eating calcium and vitamin D-enriched foods) to help prevent bone loss.
  • While body weight is not always a direct correlation to body fat, the results of maintaining a healthy weight can be similar. The higher it is, the higher the chances for certain types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more to exist.
  • 400 pounds maximum¬†pressure capacity.
  • An easy-to-read LCD¬†display featuring a convenient backlight makes reading the digital display a breeze.
  • Stainless steel pads are used to conduct the electrical current.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to take advantage of the free FitTrack¬†smartphone app¬†that shows your progress in daily, weekly, or monthly increments, making it a useful and convenient tracker (especially weight loss programs).
  • Personalized suggestions and 17 different measurements help to further increase the accuracy of your body information.
  • User memory¬†for up to 8 profiles syncs to each individual's smartphone so the entire household can use the same device.
  • Android and iOS compatibility allows owners of most smartphones to utilize the FitTrack app.
  • Available for purchase individually or in bundle form through the FitTrack website and can also be purchased through¬†Amazon¬†for those who prefer it.


As previously mentioned, daily weigh-ins can be a huge motivator when it comes to losing weight, but the benefits of a body weight scale do not end there.

Checking your daily average body weight can help you cut through the noise of daily weight fluctuations to get a more precise readout every day.

Having access to other composition data like water percentage can help you to see when your weight loss or gain is due to dehydration or retaining water, helping you to address those health concerns, rather than simply trying to adjust your total weight.

Similarly, a rise in body weight and an increase in muscle mass would be a strong indication that your weight gain is due to becoming stronger and more fit rather than an increase in body fat. 


Smart plans utilize both wellness and historical data to automatically provide users with personalized insight into their individual body's health and then make suggestions based on their own individual exercise and health habits. The FitTrack app can also track other health information like sleep quality and quantity, activity level, and type (including total steps taken), heart health through resting heart rate monitoring.

Buying Guide For A Bathroom Scale (i.e. Smart Scale)

In order to determine the best scales, simply smart scales (or body fat scales), for your fitness goals and keep track of your daily physical activity, you can opt for Weight Watcher's prime choice, the FitTrack Dara scale. Choosing the best smart scale by FitTrack is perhaps the best way to enhance your health and wellness programs.

So, for one, how do you decide what bathroom scales you should look into? Which scale suits your needs? What features do the latest models include? Moreover, do you have a digital bathroom to suit your digital scale? All answers will come from the following features of FitTrack bathroom scales, like the digital scale above.

Let's take a look at some of the mind-blowing and astonishing features that every bathroom scale by FitTrack has. But before that, let's briefly go over what a bathroom scale is?

What is a Bathroom Scale (i.e. Smart Scale)?

Like a traditional bathroom scale with a red pointy needle, a smart scale in your bathroom can serve the purpose of helping you with your daily morning weigh-ins. What does that yield? Your body weight. But is that enough from a digital scale? Clearly no.

Besides, being a digital scale, they are capable of offering a handful of best smart scale features that range from water and bone mass, BMI body fat, body fat percentage, etc. It features a content measurement audience of the digital display and accurate measurements, combined in a wi fi bathroom scale. 

You can connect it to your phone and track your daily progress.

Let's take a look at some of the features you should look for when choosing from the best bathroom scales, especially when it's from the best in the business, FitTrack. Read below.

Digital Scale Features

Smartphone Compatibility

The entire bathroom scale collection by FitTrack has an edge over other digital bathroom scales on the market due to smartphone compatibility. Despite its uniqueness, this isn't even the best digital feature (i.e. it is pretty common).

Though, it is worth mentioning that the best digital scales from FitTrack offer great Bluetooth connectivity, as well as, wi fi systems. Regardless, you will be at ease with the accurate reading of your body composition with the exact measurements i.e. physical measurements, at hand.

Google Fit and Apple Fit

Every scale from FitTrack, including Fitbit aria and aria 2, are capable of engaging with Samsung health, google fit, apple fit (apple health), etc., to keep track of your physical wellness and generate personal data including body measurements from accurate pounds, fat water, BMI body, and other composition data (via fitbit app).

Altogether, the compatibility with the modern android and IOS devices is impeccable. The Bluetooth for Samsung health and the capacity to handle IOS apple health at a genuinely affordable price is what makes the FitTrack scales (especially the fitbit) amazing.

Despite that, the fitbit scales from FitTrack are capable of using Bluetooth, wi fi, or other means to upload your accurate weight reading, BMI, lean mass, body fat percentage, and other personal data to online servers for later use. All this, through the fitbit app and other services that come with it.

Scales Measure Body Fat Percentage and Body Water

As mentioned earlier, the low-price scales can measure body composition such as body fat percentage and body water. How does this influence your bathroom scale purchasing decision? As told above, accurate pounds reading is not enough to suggest vital personal data. In fact, the weight BMI is not the only essential reading to that can guide you towards achieving fitness goals.

Moreover, the weight body fat is key to making diet plans if you are on a lean body plan. Therefore, make sure that the scale you choose has the capacity to measure such body composition details.

Low-Price Scales Calculate BMR

The best scales from FitTrack can measure the BMR. What is BMR? The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the relative amount of energy spent during inactivity of the body (especially the digestive system). Hence, you know the number of calories your body burns. Therefore, you are able to plan your nutrition and diets to help you gain your desired results.

Furthermore, as your chosen bathroom scale measures weight, it should containt the features to maintain a consistent reading of your BMR.

Impeccable Durability in Every Scale

Every scale from FitTrack has tempered glass and most of them contain four high precision sensors. Notably, the eatsmart precision and the fitbita aria also have the ability to withstand immaculate pressures. Some people are less likely to believe yet it is true. Every scale from FitTrack is robust and sturdy to hold a wide weight range of consumers. For instance, the weight range for every tempered glass scale is somewhere around the capacity of 400 pounds.

Doesn't this give the impression of the best scales to ever lie in your bathroom? So get on with your weight loss program, don't fear breaking the daily "weigh-in" machine, and focus on better well-being. Besides the price of every scale is affordable while offering the most stylish and eye-catching glass displays.

Style and Luxury

The style and luxury of every scale are impeachable. Completely digital, the glass of every scale can endure heat and cold temperatures. Moreover, the display glass on every scale has endurance against humidity. Besides, you wouldn't want the display glass to become foggy after a few morning showers, would you?

So, all in all, besides the capacity to hold extensive pressure, carry tempered glass display, and provide measurements that are hard to calculate, you can gain benefit greatly in achieving your goals.


Monitoring body mass index, daily weigh-ins, physical activity levels, and healthy eating habits and plans can be a hassle -- especially when done manually by people who are just getting acquainted with taking control of their personal wellness or those who may not even know how to get started.

Thankfully, programs like Weight Watchers and digital products like the Dara Smart Scale and FitTrack smartphone app help to guide users toward their wellness goals and offer a simple way to store wellness information and health insights right at your fingertips.