Body Analyzer Scales

Life feels busier than ever in the modern age. We all have things to do and places to be. Who has time for the gym or enough money in the bank for a doctor's appointment just so they can find out their body composition?

Thankfully, we have modern technology to aid in our modern lifestyles. No time to spare? No problem. Now you can enjoy the convenience of an accurate body composition monitor right in your own home. All you need is a digital body weight bathroom scale.


Is the digital body analyzer scale accurate?

Body analyzer scales are considered to be just as accurate as a traditional bathroom scale -- or to be more specific, accurate to within 6 ounces of your total body weight. Many different BMI scales are considered to have a 5 percent margin of error when it comes to reading your actual statistics.

However, the Dara FitTrack Smart Scale has been shown to be accurate in its readouts to within 3 percent of the medical standard DEXA x-ray method, making it one of the most reliable options on the market.

It is recommended to make sure your digital body analyzer scale is placed on a flat, hard surface to ensure the most accurate reading possible. 

How does a body analyzer scale work?

Step onto the stainless steel pads and wait as an undetectable electrical current travels through the body. The electrical current will travel at different speeds through the different elements that make up the body. It works to allow bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine statistics like fat mass, lean muscle mass, body water percentage, and more.

The LCD display will read through the tempered glass top, revealing results so that users will then be able to sync their smart device via Bluetooth to keep track of their vital body composition statistics.

What is the most accurate body fat analyzer? 

See The Fit Track Dara Smart Scale

There are lots of ways to measure body fat, many of which can be very accurate. However, most are difficult for average consumers to get a hold of or operate on their own. For example, skinfold calipers are considered to be an incredibly accurate body fat monitor, but only if the user is experienced in administering the test and fully understands how to calculate the results. Errors can lead to wildly inaccurate readings.

As stated above, the DEXA scan and other medical and sports-grade options like hydrostatic weighing are relied on by experts to provide accurate results. But these options can be incredibly difficult to afford. With an accuracy of within 3 percent of the medical-grade equipment, a bathroom scale body composition monitor is the most affordable and accurate product on the market for the average consumer.


What does a Body Analyzer Scale Measure?

The Dara FitTrack Smart Scale measures 17 different statistics to give you the most comprehensive overview of your overall health.

  • BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate informs you of the amount of calories needed to perform basic functions
  • Body Mass Index is the ratio of body fat to height and weight and is often correlated to many overall health issues
  • Just like a traditional bathroom scale, the body fat scale¬†measures your Total Body Weight
  • The Standard Weight is the average healthy weight for your height and age
  • Weight Control is the difference between your Total Weight and Standard Weight
  • Your Obesity Degree is the percentage of body fat keeping your BMI from a healthy number
  • The Weight Without Fat option lets you know how much you weight without including pounds added by fat
  • The Body Fat statistic is how much fat is being carried around in your body
  • Body Fat Percentage readouts allow you to see how much of your body composition is made up of fat
  • The Visceral Fat Index is a determination of how much fat is being carried in the abdominal cavity, a high readout is considered a high risk for many health issues such as diabetes or heart disease
  • The Muscle Mass percentage determines how much of your body composition is made up of muscle mass
  • Muscle Weight is the number of pounds your body's muscle weighs
  • The Body Age looks at the total muscle and fat percentage compared to your weight to give an idea of whether or not your body is physically older or younger than your actual age
  • Hydration Level statistics are a good indicator of your body water percentage, helping you determine whether or not you are dehydrated
  • Protein Mass is the amount of protein in your body
  • Protein Percentage is how much of your body composition is made up of protein
  • Bone Mass readings may be used to catch early signs of bone loss diseases


What should my body fat percentage be for my age?

There are a lot of factors that go into your body fat percentage, like your gender and activity level. In general, anything over 32 percent is considered the range for obesity, while athletes can expect to find their body fat percentage somewhere in the range of 14 to 20 percent. But these are just general guidelines.

The numbers become more specific for men and women based on age. While your place on the spectrum may vary depending on your body type and level of activity, your ideal body fat percentage based on gender should be as follows:


Male Body Fat Percentage By Age

  • 20-39 -- 8-19 percent
  • 40-59 -- 11-21 percent
  • 60-79 -- 13-24 percent


Female Body Fat Percentage By Age

  • 20-39 -- 21-32 percent
  • 40-59 -- 23-33 percent
  • 60-79 -- 24-35 percent


How A Digital Body Analyzer Will Help you Reach Your Fitness Goals

A lot of people tend to ignore their bathroom scale, often out of fear they will see their weight go up. But a body composition scale does so much more than that. Imagine seeing your total body weight increase, while also seeing your muscle mass increase. Imagine the feeling you'll have knowing you have increased your muscle percentage and decreased your fat percentage. Traditional weight scales cannot provide this sort of insight and can lead to feelings of discouragement.

Whereas a body analyzer can motivate you to improve your fitness as you keep close track of your statistics. On the other hand, let's say you see your weight decrease, but your total body water weight has gone down, as well. This could be an indicator that you are not losing fat, but are actually dehydrated, allowing you to change your lifestyle habits to improve your health.

Another useful result of BIA is seeing your average daily, weekly, and monthly weight laid out for you in the corresponding app. People often gain and lose weight throughout the day, making it difficult to keep track of your overall progress. For this reason, some experts believe the average weight to be the most important factor when it comes to weight loss.

Along with the benefits of seeing exactly how your body is comprised and adjusting habits to suit those metrics, a digital scale can just plain help you become more motivated to exercise in general. Especially when you use it every day. Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves every day lose an average of 13 more pounds in a single year than those who only weighed themselves once a month.

Using Bone Mass Scale To Measure and Fight Osteoporosis

A unique benefit of keeping track of your body composition is the potential to ward off long-term health issues. Much has been said about the heart health benefits of using a BMI smart scale but there is one health statistic that is starting to come into the spotlight when it comes to smart scales.

Thanks to the body composition scale's ability to monitor your bone mass, they have begun to be used as early warning signs of bone density loss to catch the beginning signs of diseases like osteoporosis. This can then allow people to begin treatment or prevention options at an earlier stage.


A body analyzer scale can help to improve your health in a wide variety of ways. From protecting you from long-term health issues to giving you the motivation to increase exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. These convenient digital scales can be optimized for each user's specific preferences and habits.

And the accompanying smartphone app allows both Android and iOS users to access their data over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With so many convenient options and health benefits, the Dara FitTrack Weight Scale truly is one of the best bathroom scales on the market.