Fitness Tracker With Text Messages

Take control of your body's health and fitness tracking into your own hands (or at least wear them on your wrist!)

runner stretches while wearing fitness tracker

The FitTrack Atria just may be the best smartwatch you'll ever use. This comprehensive smart device acts as your one-stop-shop for all everything you'll need to stay on top of your health and fitness.

You will be able to keep track of your health data and how far you have progressed in your fitness goals or in your weight loss journey. But the fun doesn't have to stop there.

The FitTrack Atria hosts a whole bunch of smartphone capabilities, allowing you to receive notifications as you exercise so phone calls and text messages never have to cramp your fitness style.

Does The FitTrack Atria receive Text Messages?


The FitTrack Atria is not your average activity tracker.

This handy little device also functions as a smartwatch, allowing you to receive smartphone notifications and important updates right on your wrist without even having to pause your workout routine.

Incoming calls, text messages, and calendar notifications can all be displayed right on the watch face, keeping you up to date while you work on your health journey.

When preferred, users are able to fully focus on work or exercise tasks thanks to the Do Not Disturb mode, which will pause smartphone notifications and prevent interruptions or distractions for as long as this mode is activated.

How To Connect the FitTrack Atria To Your Phone For Texting? 

Simply pair your fitness watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to receive phone calls and text messaging notifications. Both Android 5.0+ and Apple iOS 10+ are compatible with the FitTrack Atria wearable fitness tracker.

Press the plus button at the upper right in your FitTrack Health App, then search available devices for the appropriate option.

Click on the FitTrack Atria device option and then click on the notification tab to turn push notifications on or off -- notification options include calls, text messages, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Should you have any issues with connectivity, once again press on the plus sign inside the app and swipe left on the FitTrack Atria smartwatch.

From here you can delete and go to settings to remove and unsync the device from your smartphone. Click on Bluetooth settings and press Forget This Device.

Now you can relaunch your FitTrack Health App, press the plus button, and search for nearby devices. Choose your FitTrack Atria Activity Tracker and click Sync Device and then Pair and Allow Notifications.

Managing messages with the FitTrack Atria

The FitTrack Atria does not have messaging capabilities, it can only read text messages and cannot send responses. However, many smartwatch users have learned that while it sounds fun to send text messages on your fitness tracker, this functionality is typically limited by characters and options.

Some versions only allow you to respond with pre-scripted, un-customizable options. In the end, sending text messages on your smartwatch can be a frustrating experience that just becomes a hassle, causing people to return to their smartphones for traditional use anyway.

The draw of these notifications is to keep yourself informed while deep into your exercise routine on-the-go.

Reminders and calendar alerts will give you a heads-up without needing to dig out your phone, while you can grab your smartphone and respond to text messages when you are ready.

Available FitTrack Atria Smartwatch Features

The FitTrack Atria comes with a wide range of health tracking features from heart health to sleep quality, along with various smartphone capabilities. Let's take a look at some of the features that make the FitTrack Atria one of the best fitness trackers on the market.

  • Water resistant¬†in depths of up to 1.5m
  • Built to withstand dirt, dust, or sand so you won't need to worry when participating in any of your favorite outdoor exercise activities
  • Impressively long battery¬†life that lasts between 5-6 days with 24/7 daily use
  • Quick charging time of 2-3 hours so you can get back to your workout routine right away
  • Touchscreen¬†functionality¬†for easy of use
  • Customizable watch faces¬†allow you to choose the style of your smartwatch
  • The Wake Up feature allows you to activate your watch face as you raise your wrist to look at the watch, this may help to prolong battery life as the display is only active when needed
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts to your environment and brightens or darkens the watch face for improved visibility
  • Daily weather display keeps you in the know as you prepare your jogging, walking, or cycling routes
  • Bluetooth¬†connectivity for easy syncing between fitness tracker and smartphone
  • Android¬†phone and iPhone compatibility so users of any type of smartphone can pair their fitness trackers
  • The Find Phone option allows you to use your FitTrack Atria to set off a notification on your phone in order to find it when it is lost
  • Phone, text, and calendar notifications keep you updated with upcoming events and phone contacts
  • Do Not Disturb mode lets you block out incoming notifications for as long as desired so you can remain focused on the tasks at hand
  • Timers and alarm clock settings can be used to wake you up in the morning or set an end time for your exercise routines
  • Stream your music playlist to keep your energy up while conducting your workout, smartwatch allows you to play, pause, and skip music
  • Photo-taking capabilities so you can capture selfies and record your weight loss or exercise routine
  • 7 sports modes provide real-time¬†activity tracking stats when walking, running, climbing, bicycle riding, elliptical riding, playing basketball, or practicing yoga so you can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, or oxygen levels while conducting various exercise activities
  • GPS tracking capabilities to measure distance traveled while exercising
  • Step counting pedometer and active minutes tracking so you can watch your progress throughout the day and keep on track for your daily targets
  • Goal rings to help you keep track of your progress toward your fitness goals by visualizing where your progress is and how much further you have to go until you hit your goals
  • Personalized health reminders so you can go to bed on time or remember to get up and move around throughout the day
  • 24-hour heart rate monitor¬†with notifications warning you if your rate is too high or too low
  • Blood pressure monitoring that lets you¬†
  • Sleep tracking¬†with light, deep, and REM metrics automatically begins measuring sleep quality between 9 pm-12 pm
  • Fast and accurate body thermometer so you can keep an eye on your health throughout the day
  • Blood oxygen level tracking reads the amount of oxygen you have circulating throughout your bloodstream
  • If you start feeling too stressed out during the day, you can take advantage of the guided breathing or meditation exercises to help center and ground yourself
  • A personalized wellness report based on health data and trends keeps you informed of your overall health
  • Weight tracking that integrates with FitTrack Smart Scales keeps data from all your fitness devices in one convenient location
  • Compatible FitTrack Health App syncs all your data to your smartphone
  • Package includes smartwatch with wristband and charging cradle

Purchasing Options

The Dara FitTrack Smart Scale and the Beebo Family Scale can be integrated with the FitTrack Health App so all your health information can be consolidated in one convenient location.

This allows the app to receive your health data and compile everything from your scale and your fitness tracker together in one convenient location.

Health recommendations can then be made based on your health, exercise, and sleep trends so you can adjust your daily habits to improve or maintain good health results.

The FitTrack Atria Smartwatch can be purchased via the FitTrack website with the option to pay in just four easy installments rather than paying the full price of the smartwatch upfront.

A bundled option is also available that includes a FitCare Warranty that offers Lifetime Damage Coverage so you can quickly care for your device in the case of accident or damage incurred to it.

Shoppers interested in the full FitTrack experience can purchase a bundle that includes not only the FitTrack Atria Smartwatch, but also the Dara FitTrack Smart Scale.

This bundle option is also available on the FitTrack website. The FitTrack Atria is also available for purchase on Amazon with free Prime shipping for Amazon Prime customers.