12 Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Fat 

Neck fat can be an understandably frustrating physical issue and problem site for a lot of people. Many people assume it's due to an unhealthy lifestyle as it is one of the first areas commonly related to weight gain, and it’s one of the hardest places to lose the extra fat when you try to lose weight.

Weight loss, in general, can be a difficult and bumpy road. So how can get rid of neck fat be accomplished?

This article explains the causes of neck fat along with 12 ways and tips to get rid of annoying neck fat, tighten saggy skin, aid with weight loss, and improve overall body health. 

women demonstrating neck exercise

What Causes A Double Chin?

There are a variety of causes of a double chin. Some factors include age, diet, and genetics.  A double chin, also known as submental fat,  is the extra fat that develops beneath the chin. You don’t need to be “overweight” to have a double chin; that role is played mainly by genetics.   

How to get rid of neck fat

Neck fat is frustrating. No matter how hard you try, it just won't go away, and for some, it can affect your body self-image. Don't stress! I’ve gathered 12 ways to help get rid of neck fat below!

Decreasing Caloric Intake

For most people, neck fat is caused by excess weight gain. 

Exercising and decreasing calories can put you in a caloric deficit to aid in weight loss. Strength training mixed with cardio (or even simply lower impact exercises like walking or bicycling) combined together can help reduce calories (remember, muscle does burn more calories than fat) and create a caloric deficit that aids in weight loss journey.

For those that don’t wish to exercise, cutting out processed foods like chips, soda, and fast food will automatically create a vast difference in calories by deleting all the high-calorie, low-nutrient foods from your diet to aid in your weight loss journey. 

Targetting a site to reduce fat is a myth; it all comes down to being in a caloric deficit to lose fat.

Always consult a medical or trained professional before you reduce calories and start exercising. There are personal trainers and dieticians trained to help people specifically lose fat!

image of dewlap neck sag before and after correction

Decrease Alcohol

Consuming loads of alcohol each week isn't great for your body or health as alcohol is high in calories and low in nutrients, which can cause weight gain (the hangovers don’t help either), among other health-related problems.

It can also increase facial fat and swelling under the skin. Lowering alcohol consumption and replacing it with lower-calorie options can help prevent these negative effects and aid in neck fat loss.

Do More Cardio

There are plenty of exercises that can be utilized to combat weight gain and help create a caloric deficit by increasing caloric expenditure.

Cardio exercises such as running, swimming, H.I.I.T. workouts, speed walking, and bicycling are among a few cardiovascular exercises that can decrease neck fat. 

Remember, physical activity is great for overall health in general and can strengthen your body and lifestyle to become healthier than ever before. Get in 2-3 sessions per week to see results!

Eat 3 Servings Of Vegetables

image of lady eating salad

Vegetables are nutrient-dense and low-calorie. Diminishing foods like bagged chips, candies, sodas, and fast food from your diet and replacing them with vegetables that are beneficial for a healthy, functioning body. Vegetables are a great high-volume replacement for higher-calorie foods and are used by many to lose weight.

Reap the benefits of a strong immune system, healthy metabolism, and improved bodily functions.

Eat 2 Servings Of Fruit

Fruits are just as beneficial nutritionally. Fruits contain natural sugars--not the processed, unhealthy junk you find in candies and milkshakes. 

They have many health benefits, including being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Eating your fruits and vegetables is the best treatment you can provide your body from the inside without visiting a medical professional!

Eat Lean Meat

The intake of lean protein is a method used by those in a caloric deficit to feel satiated and prevent overeating. By doing this (preventing overeating), it will eventually lead to loss of neck fat.

When you eat meat, remember to remove the fat and skin while also avoiding cooking in oils or deep frying to lower issues with cholesterol and health. Cooking in oils can quickly add up in calories and cause weight gain.

Replace fats like butter and oils with healthy fats like nuts and avocadoes, or use oils in moderation.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a great way to exercise and strengthen facial and neck muscles. It causes the facial muscles to be consistently active for a designated period of time that doesn’t involve consuming a meal-full of calories. 

Wear Sunscreen

Facial sagginess along with a double chin are common signs of the aging process in most older individuals. Wearing sunscreen is an important tool in negating the chance of speeding up the aging process (think sagging and wrinkly skin).

It is recommended to wear sunscreen daily (and reapply!) with SPF 30 or higher. By adding sunscreen to your daily routine, facial sagginess and ageing skin can be battled efficiently (along with lowering sun exposure). 

Stay Hydrated

If the body can’t get access to water to hydrate, it will lean towards foods to obtain it. Most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day.

Increasing water intake and staying hydrated will help prevent overeating. It is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. 

Neck Toning Exercises

There are multitudes of neck toning exercises that improve elasticity and tighten and tone muscles in the neck and facial areas that fight issues like sagging skin. They can also be used in the area around the lips to add a natural lift! To obtain the best results, use these exercises daily to greatly aid in the loss of excess fat in the neck area. 

Neck Tilts

Neck tilts are an outstanding exercise used to target your neck muscles. By firming neck muscles, we can manage to lessen the appearance of neck fat.

To do this exercise, tilt your neck side to side. Then, upwards and downwards. Repeat this exercise every day to get the full benefits!  

Neck Stretch

Stretching your neck improves kinks and tension in the muscles. It can also improve neck strength and mobility. Stretching after working for an extended period of time, in the morning, or after working out is a great way to improve neck fat issues.

To do this neck stretch exercise, stand straight, placing your hands at your sides.

Tilt your head without adjusting your shoulders to accommodate the movement (this helps create tension in the neck and facial muscles to get that stretch). Hold for ten seconds. Then return to a comfortably neutral position and repeat for more repetitions. 

Dealing with a double chin and neck fat can be hard to struggle with. I’ve added three more neck exercises to help get rid of neck fat! Try them out and reap the benefits! 

Bottom Jaw Jut

The bottom jaw jut exercise is one of the best exercises for the jaw (and helps target the problem area of the dreaded double chin). To do this exercise, tilt your head back and look to the ceiling. Push your lower jaw forward and turn your head to the right to create resistance. Hold for ten seconds. Relax. Return to starting. Repeat on the left side. Perform this exercise for up to twenty repetitions. 

Tongue Stretch

For this exercise that zones in on the double chin area, look straight in front of you and stick your tongue out as far as you are able to create resistance. Next, lift your tongue in the direction of your nose. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat for up to ten repetitions a day. 

Ball Exercise

In a seated position, grab a small, squeezable ball and place it under your chin. In a slow and controlled movement, push your chin downwards and apply pressure on the ball in the opposite direction. Repeat this exercise and perform it up to thirty times per sitting. 

How can I lose face and neck fat?

How do you lose face and neck fat? Losing neck fat and owning that jawline that's been hiding is an empowering move. There are a number of medical treatments and services specially catered to neck fat target sites and support systems in place. This is your sign!

Read this free article and follow the 12+ ways on this article! But as a reminder, here are four simple things you can do (if you’re a little overwhelmed with all the ways I’ve provided to get rid of neck fat) to change or add to your daily routine to get the results you want! 

  1. Drink more water
  2. Maintain a healthy diet
  3. Do exercises for facial fat
  4. Exercise (to burn calories)

Surgical Treatments For Double Chin

demonstration of lipolytic neck injection

There are indeed surgical treatments and procedures to get rid of a double chin. Neck lift surgery is the best procedure (thought invasive) to correct a double chin, among other things---like loose skin on the neck. Another treatment, referred to as submentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves liposuction and small incisions under the chin. Call your doctor with any questions you may have on any of these procedures!


Laser Lipolysis to target neck fat is an effective procedure in removing fat below the chin that also tightens skin. It can be performed under local sedation. There is safety and precision in this treatment that allows the surgeon to eliminate any safety issues or errors. Consult your doctor for a professional opinion!


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that first started out in the 1950s. It can be utilized to reduce neck fat below the chin (aka double chin). It involves a series of injections that contain a mixture of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, plant extracts, and pharmaceutical products that break down unwanted small localized areas of fat (known as lipolysis). This treatment can also tone the skin in the area that is being targeted.