How Data Helps You Lose Weight

data helps you lose weight

How can a smartphone app help you lose weight?

Most restrictive diets fail, which is a big problem for the millions of people who rely on them to lose weight and live their happiest, healthiest lives. The frustration of setbacks, combined with the dissatisfaction of not being able to enjoy some of your favorite foods can undoubtedly wear down your motivation.

But in our data-driven age, there's a way to lose weight that doesn't involve strictly regulating your diet or starving yourself of the foods you love. 

This isn't anything new. People have been counting calories, recording their exercise routines, and monitoring their body composition for decades. 

But counting calories used to be a frustrating chore.

And knowing how many you needed in the first place used to be a guessing game.

Recording the effects of working out used to be tiresome and boring.

Monitoring your body composition used to be expensive and time-consuming.

At FitTrack, we understood that leveraging data is the most effective way to help people reach their weight loss goals. Our proprietary algorithm, designed by leading engineers alongside the FitTrack Medical Advisory Board, empowers users with more information, more easily accessible than ever before, that they can use to adjust their lifestyles so that they can be aligned with their goals. We're proud to say that our device is within +/- 3% as accurate as a DEXA x-ray scan thanks to the hard work of our team.

How does data help me?

The smartest decision you can ever make is an informed decision. Every time you step on the FitTrack Dara and record your smart body report on the FitTrack Pro app, you're becoming more informed about one of the most important things in your life:

Your body.

By analyzing 17 different health metrics, you can learn exactly how your short- and long-term decisions are affecting your body, and adjust accordingly to align your decisions with your long-term goals.

Not sure how many calories you should be consuming?

Monitor your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to see how many calories you'll burn at rest, then factor in your activity levels to plan your meals throughout the week.

Gained weight, but you've been eating carefully and working out?

Instead of getting frustrated, review your historical progress to determine what's happening in your body. Has your muscle rate increased? Since muscle weighs more than fat, there's a chance that you can gain weight while simultaneously improving your health.

Most importantly,

Data helps you stay motivated. Before our smart body BMI scale, our users only had one metric to base all of their decisions on their weight. That means that even though a diet and fitness routine might've been working, and they were improving their overall health (and on their way to their ideal weight, once their metabolism caught up to their efforts), many individuals might've quit.

That's because it's frustrating when we don't see the results we want to see, but now, thanks to the FitTrack Dara, we can better understand how our bodies are working towards our goals so that we can stay the course.

Data makes us more informed, it also makes us patient

And patience is a critical ingredient to the recipe for a healthy lifestyle. Track your results, be proud of the progress you're making, and use data to help plan your route to the lifestyle you've always wanted.

Speaking of patience, we've been listening to what you've been saying. We're excited to announce a range of new products designed to help you take even greater control than ever before, including a massive update to our FitTrack Pro app.

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