How the FitTrack Smart Scale Measures Your Body Fat


So, how does it?

How can a square device with four metal pads in the base tell you your body fat percentage, and even break it down into subcutaneous fat (the one you can "pinch") and visceral fat (the one between your inner organs)?

Well, if you had a medical degree, this post would be a one-liner:

By Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (Dual BIA for short)

But if you're like most of us (myself included), the first time you hear that you're more like "Bio-huh Impe-what?..."

Body Fat Chart

So in this blog, we want to explain:

Advanced Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Made Simple

Have you tried to run in a swimming pool? It feels as if you were in slow motion, doesn't it?

It's harder to move in a swimming pool (water) than outside (air) because water is denser than air. So it "resists" more to your movements.

Now imagine that you're in a pool of honey. Honey is denser than water, so it would be even harder for you to "run" in a pool of honey than in a pool of water.

Now, if you were an electric pulse, each of these elements would still "resist" you running through them (not based on their density, but on their electrical conductivity).

This "resistance to electric flow" is called impedance. Using two different frequencies, low and high, even more accurate measurements can be achieved.

But what is the difference between the two - Low and High?

  • Low Frequency: Analyzes your health around your cells
  • High FrequencyAnalyzes your health inside your cells

FitTrack Dual BIA Technology

Now, each of the tissues in your body (water, muscle, body fat, and bone) also have their own impedance.

So, if you send an electric pulse through someone's body, you can also measure its impedance.

Then, scientists worked on and validated very complex formulas to take that impedance of your body and work backward to calculate the amount of each tissue in your body.

So, by analyzing your body's impedance you can know your muscle %, fat %, water levels, bone mass, and more.

Pretty neat, right? 🤓

 And, all this comes together beautifully in our Advanced Dual BIA duo — the FitTrack Dara smart scale & the FitTrack app — in 5 easy steps.

The 5 Steps in Your WOW Process

  1. The four electrodes on the base of your smart scale send a tiny and harmless electric pulse throughout your body.
  2. Your bioelectrical impedance (now you know what that is 😉) is measured.
  3. Medical-grade algorithms and other formulas are used to calculate each of your 17 body and health indicators.
  4. These health indicators are sent automatically to your phone via Bluetooth.
  5. You can see your health, progress, and more in the FitTrack app and go "oh wow"!

Why is a Smart Scale Your Solution to Weight Loss and Health?

Man Holding FitTrack Smart Scale

Our FitTrack smart scale and a free app are both keys in your weight loss journey and health awareness in these three critical ways:

  • Knowledge is powerWhen you weigh yourself in normal scales, you only get a number. Not an insight! But your health is so much more than your weight, and by knowing yourself better, you can know better where to focus.
  • "X-ray" VisionNot really. But almost. The thing is that you can see yourself in the mirror, or "pinch" your arms and legs, you might say "Nah, I'm ok"... but what about the fact that you can't see and can't pinch? The visceral fat! That's the more harmful one, and staying on top of it will help you prevent health-related issues.
  • Throw away the mirror: Well, don't. But, you'll only need it for makeup, or to check that tie knot, NOT for checking your weight loss progress daily.

The thing is that weight loss is normally slow to see. And slow is demotivating. However, when you can SEE your progress — in your phone before then in the mirror —you can stay motivated to go on forever!

We hope this was helpful to you.

Now go on and impress your friends by telling them what Advanced Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is, how it works, and how you're so smart that you have a smart scale to prove it!

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