Your Guide to Health Score

Your Guide to Health Score

We are so excited to bring you Health Score, an important next step on your health journey. 

In this guide, we will walk through everything you need to know about Health Score including what it is, why it matters and how to improve it. 

What is Health Score? 

Developed with leading health experts, your Health Score gives you a holistic and personalized picture of your health. It shows you how healthy you are vs. benchmarks for people similar to you. You can generate your score each week to see how your health is trending, and how your daily habits impact your score. As you incorporate more positive habits, your score will adjust to reflect these changes. 

Why does it matter?

We created Health Score because we believe that better health begins with better understanding. In order to take the right steps in living a healthier life, it’s important to understand what’s working, and what might no longer be serving you on your health journey. By doing so, you are equipped to make better and healthier lifestyle choices that will help you prevent chronic illnesses and increase your quality of life. 

What is your Health Score made up of?

Today, you'll see that your Health Score is made up of your Body Composition data from your FitTrack Scale. We believe Body Composition is an important and necessary first step in understanding your health. That's why we utilize the metrics that are collected through your Dara scale when you weigh-in. Remember that in order to get the most accurate Health Score, you’ll need to weigh-in at least twice each week.

Soon, your Health Score will be expanded to include activity, nutrition, sleep and heart health simply by syncing your other health products and devices. These pillars are essential to understanding your holistic health.   

Future pillars include: 

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress
  4. Sleep

You should expect to see these other pillars soon and we promise to keep you posted as we get closer to launching them!

What is your Body Composition Score and how is it calculated? 

Your body composition score will show you exactly how your body is responding to your current diet, activity and lifestyle behaviors. This is important in helping  you understand leading indicators and risks  for many chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure or just how you are progressing toward your goals. You’ll see that it’s out of 100 and summarizes the factors most closely associated with your overall health, including your body weight, BMI, body fat % and more. These metrics along with your age, gender and height are taken together and assessed to provide a meaningful score relative to benchmarks for people similar in age and gender to you. 

Accuracy and Confidence of Health Score: 

Health Score was designed with health experts to provide you with an accurate representation of your health. You might notice that you can get a Health Score with just one weigh-in. For the most accurate results we ask that you complete 2+ weigh-ins on a weekly basis. The more weigh-ins, the more accurate your score will be. All of your weigh-ins throughout the week are averaged out to provide you with the most accurate picture of how your body is changing while mitigating inevitable daily fluctuations.  

Understanding your Health Score

With Health Score, it’s important to consider trends in your score rather than taking a score in isolation. If you receive a score you are unhappy with, don’t be discouraged. Remember that it is more important to see improvements and trends in the right direction through lifestyle changes and action. 

Health Score Ranges:

The following chart outlines the ranges for Health Score 











296 or less 


How can you improve your Health Score? 

In addition to your Health Score, you’ll also see personalized insights about your score, like why it might have decreased from last week, and recommendations to help you improve it. Remember that it’s more important to consider trends in your Health Score rather than looking at one score in isolation. As you action on our recommendations and as we start to understand what type of insights are helpful, we can provide more tailored recommendations to help you achieve your goal. The more you track and action, the more you’ll evolve. And quickly, your score will evolve with it. 

Why do we prioritize weekly over daily insights? 

You’ll notice that we send weekly insights instead of daily insights. We believe this is what separates us from other health solutions out there. While tracking daily changes can be useful when it comes to fitness; seeing your health trends over longer periods of time is particularly important when looking and understanding leading indicators of certain chronic health conditions. We understand that things like weight, water, and eating habits can change from one day to the next and your health score is calculated with these fluctuations in mind.