Pebble Watch Alternative

The Pebble is Dead 

If a free, capitalistic market place, the idea is that the cream-of-the-crop will rise to the top.

The best companies, the best performers, and the best products will, in other words, win.

Now, regardless of whether or not you think this description is accurate, there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is that there are exceptions, namely, in the form of acquisitions. 

An acquisition occurs when one company acquires another company. Usually, older and more established companies acquire newer, younger ones.

Sometimes during these sorts of deals, the more established company continues to offer and even expand on the acquired company’s offerings. This was the case when Apple purchased Beats by Dre.

Sometimes, however, the larger company will shut down the smaller company and halt its product development only for competitive reasons. This is precisely what happened to the beloved smartwatch called “The Pebble.”

While many former customers or The Pebble were sorely disappointed when FitBit acquired the company and ceased production, a Pebble alternative did eventually come along that not only met their expectations but also offered more features and other hardware than even their formerly favorite smartwatch. 

The Fit Track Atria, or more specifically, the FitTrack Atria 2.0 is the ultimate Pebble alternative. 

FitTrack Atria: The Unlikely Replacement

fittrack atria on black background

Other than being durable and reliable, any true Pebble alternative needs to have a number of features similar, or better than, the original Pebble. These include:

  • Slim Design: When it comes to smartwatches or wearables of any kind, minimalism is key. You can find plenty of android, Apple and, Garmin, based smartwatches on Amazon and in other online retailers, but the Atria 2.0 is a best-in-class option for those looking for the perfect fitness tracker.
  • Good Battery Life: The last thing you want when you are out on a long run is for your step counter to run out of battery. 
  • Step Counter: Step counters are one of the most understated fitness tools that should be in every healthy person’s arsenal.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Understand your heart rate and how it relates to your overall health, wellness, and energy is one the best ways a wearable device like the FitTrack Atria 2.0 can benefit users.

Slim Design

Slim design is one of the most important qualities of a Pebble alternative smartwatch like the Atria 2.0. The reason being that smartwatches work best when they are worn as much as possible. 

Why? Because certain features like the Atria sleep monitor and step counter need to be worn even during passive parts of the day - like when you are sleeping for instance. And the only way users will reliable wear their smart devices even while they are sleeping are in the office, or whatever is if they are both minimal and have good battery life.

In the case of FitTrack’s Atria 2.0 - both of the issues are more than covered. 

Watch faces are another thing that matters a lot to many users. The attractive Apple watch is popular among some wearable users because of its large watch face.

Others, though, find such a large watch face to be negative, especially when considering fitness tracking. When it comes to fitness tracking the primary considerations is, and always should be functionality, long battery life, and an easy-to-use and understand operating system. 

Good Battery Life

Battery life is another important feature of any serious smartwatch. A great wearable needs to be able to last all day and night without constantly have to be taken off and charged. The Atria 2.0, for example, needs to be charged only once every five days to six days.

This is pretty incredible considering the touchscreen display and the many other features that can match if not beat any Apple Watch Series or other iOS based device.


Most modern health aficionados seriously underestimate the value of walking. Running and jogging are great for you, and are necessary parts of an overall fitness regime, but you don’t want to relegate all of your physical activity only to the times when you exercise. What this means is that you don’t want to fluctuate between times of absolute sloth and then rapid, short-term movement.

Ideally, what you would do instead is have an intense early morning, afternoon, of evening workout, but in addition to that, throughout the day you would also make an effort to get out of your office chair, or apartment, or whatever the case may be and to move around and make sure you are getting in 6,000 or more steps per-day (preferably not including those you do while exercising).

This number can be easily reached by simply taking a few of your daily phone calls while walking around outside, or while walking on a treadmill, but it’s difficult to know, especially if you are new to regular walking how far you need to go to meet your daily expectations.

This is where a reliable step counter, like the Atria 2.0 comes in which can calculate your daily and weekly steps for you all without any effort on your part.

Heart Rate

You cannot underestimate the value of regularly monitoring your heart rate. Your heart rate contains information not just about your immediate health, but also about how well you slept, how much energy you are going to have throughout the day, whether you are ready for any type of major physical excursion, and more.

Learning about your heart rate, and wearing a reliable heart rate monitor can work wonders on your health. 

Additional Pebble Alternative Features

While the FitTrack Atria is in many ways comparable to the Pebble, in others it is far superior. 

FitTrack, as a brand, has made tremendous advancements in the technology used in it’s products like the Atria 2.0. Most notable, some of the biggest Atria features that make it more than just the best Pebble  smartwatch alternative include: 

  • Body Temperature Monitor
  • Blood Oxygen Measures
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Actionable Health Reports

Atria Body Temperature Monitor

Knowing your body temperature and monitoring it throughout the day as you perform various activities can help you optimize your health choices in a variety of ways.

There are plenty of iPhone compatible smartwatches out there including the Apple Watch, as well as those that pair well with Samsung, like the Samsung Galaxy watch 3, but few of these smartwartches come with the added body temperature feature which is great out of the box, and continues to get even better as FitTrack is constantly improving it's products through firmware updates and more that make it the forerunner when it comes to being the ultimate Pebble alternative.

Atria Sleep Monitor

Sleep is, for many, the missing ingredient of their optimal wellbeing. Getting enough sleep means less stress, more muscle growth, a better mood, better cognitive function, and more.

The problem for some, though, is that they think they are getting enough sleep but wake up feeling tired and unrested. This is where a sleep monitor comes in which can help you zero in, not just on the quantity of your sleep hours, but also the quality.

Sleep tracking is one of the major upcoming health trends of the future. When it comes to sleep tracking, again the best smartwatch will be easy to wear and will not be so cumbersome that it actually gives you a worse night's sleep.

Why Did Pebble Close? 

As mentioned, not all companies that close are failures. There are cases, like with the Pebble, where the product offering is actually good enough to gain market share and scare larger competitors like FitBit.

In cases like that executives at the larger company may choose to acquire and shut down their competitors rather than risk losing the battle based on who has the superior product.

FitBit Fitness Tracker

When you are looking for a Bluetooth connected smartwatch on Amazon or elsewhere, sure you are going to look at new features and other technologies like NFC and more when you are considering making a purchase.

But more than anything, wearables are ideal for tracking for your health

The main considerations should relate to activity tracking, day battery life, and overall functionality.

The functionality of any wearable device should also take into consideration how you are going to use it. For example, if you are interested in swimming, you will want something water-resistant.

Thankfully, in the case of water resistance, the Atria 2.0 has you covered. Also, the Atria 2.0 works on both iOS and Android based operating systems. You can download the Atria app in the Apple or Google Play app store and you can purchase the products themselves on Amazon.

What Is the Best Smartwatch

The best smartwatch is dependent upon the wearer. For those interested in monitoring certain day-to-day aspects of their health, there are many viable options including the Atria 2.0, the Apple Watch, and many android based products.

But if you take fitness seriously, and are looking for a Pebble smartwatch alternative, then the Atria 2.0 is the better than the FitBit Versa or any of the other competitors for Fossil or elsewhere. If you are looking for a smart watch, do yourself a favor and look into the best Pebble alternative on the market: The Atria 2.0 by FitTrack.