Reasons to lose weight beyond the actual weight

There are many reasons to lose weight that are actually much more important than “looking fat.”

After all, you’re the main judge of how you look. And you have to choose to be OK with your body as you go through the process of improving your health as a whole.

For example, other benefits of losing weight are:

➊ Sleeping better

➋ Reducing joint pain

➌ Avoiding heart disease

➍ Saying 'See-Ya!' to seasonal allergy suffering

➎ Improving your sex drive

➏ Feeling energized!

So, really, the case for losing weight is rooted in a better life.

In fact, we can bet that you don’t really want to lose weight.

What you really want is the feeling that you think losing weight will give you.

And, we’ve got news for you. You can feel AMAZING right now! At whatever weight and size you’re in.

In fact, being HAPPY and LOVING yourself now is what will give you all the drive, willpower, and motivation that you will need later on to crush any health goal.

So, yes, it’s perfectly fine to want to change your weight. But doing so from a place of happiness and not from a place of frustration and resentment is what will make your efforts last a lifetime.

One more thing to understand is that you WILL “fall off the train” sometimes. Absolutely no one is 100% consistent, never cheats, and is Ms or Mr perfect.

So, right from the beginning, make friends with the idea that you will have ups and downs. And that it doesn’t mean that you’re flaky, or weak, or that you “suck at this”.

What it really means is that you’re NORMAL.

So, wink at yourself in the mirror. Start practicing your happiness muscles.

They will be your absolute best allies in your weight loss and fitness journey.