The Best 14-Day Workout Plan -> Get Fit At Home!

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When the sudden quarantine scenario is over and the health situation is under control, two types of people will emerge from this seemingly endless lockdown:

  1. Those who had a difficult time in quarantine and ended up falling out of their workout program
  2. And those who jumped into home workouts while trapped inside all day.


Which are you? It doesn't matter! Celebrate making it through one of the strangest years of our entire lives. If you jumped head (and body) first into a home workout program, that's great! If you didn't and want to pick up a home workout now that you're getting back to your old self, that's great, too! We have something for both of you.


A FREE, world-class program that you can do in 20 mins or less, even if you have no previous experience and no equipment.

Created by our Personal Trainers and Professional Nutritionists just for you!

What's Inside Our Workout Challenge?


  • Keep a water bottle and a clean towel at hand every day, and set your extra weight ON FIRE. 🔥
  • Each day you'll have a crunching routine with 9 workout routines and its indicated repetitions. It should take you up to 20 mins a day to stay on track and SEE the results you want.


  • Even if you've never done a squat, or an ab crunch, or a jumping jack, we'll show you the right techniques to do them correctly.


  • Fitness Tracking Sheet so you can keep track of your progress and effort every day
  • 14-Day Nutrition Plan filled with food guides nutritious AND delicious recipes.
  • Meal Planner Sheet -- even if you don't follow the nutrition plan, this will help you plan out your meals to make sure you're eating healthy over the next two weeks.

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Best Body Workouts

The best part of this 14-day workout challenge, aside from all the support and educational assets provided, is that you can do everything from home even if you do not have any workout equipment at home. How? Learn how to perform bodyweight exercises! These programs allow you to use the weight of your own body to provide resistance to your workout routine.

  • Lunges -- Yes! The lunge is a bodyweight workout. Do 3-5 sets of 10-12 lunges to target hamstrings, glutes, and quads.
  • Wall Sit Ups -- An excellent option if you would like to build endurance and isometric strength in your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Beginners should hold their position for 20-30 seconds for sets of 3-6.
  • Sit-Ups -- A staple of most peoples' workout challenge, you'll want to incorporate the sit up into your 14-day workout challenge, too. Sit-ups help to target your obliques and abs but can also help to tone and strengthen your neck, hip flexors, and chest. Practice up to three sets of 25-50 sit-ups each day, depending on your level.
  • Butt Kicks -- Despite their funny-sounding name, butt kicks are a great addition to your 14-day workout challenge, as they act as both bodyweight and a cardiovascular workout. Practice 3 sets of 8 in a row every day.
  • Push-Ups -- Another staple of most people's workout, the basic push up is a good way to target upper body strength, targeting the abs and core, as well as the arms and shoulders. Start with 20 push-ups if you are new to the workout, and move up to 50-100 as you gain strength and familiarity with your workout routine.

High-Intensity Interval Training Cardio

HIIT workout plans are all the rage these days; you might have heard of them. But what does that mean? High-Intensity Interval Training allows for quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with built-in rest periods to keep the body from getting worked up too quickly. For those who prefer to keep moving, they can opt for lower intensity workout options instead of the rest period.

This method should allow the body to remain in motion for a longer period of time, as the rests help to prolong your session. Many fans of this exercise method report cardiovascular benefits and quick weight loss.

A good example of a quick, 10 minute HIIT workout would include squats for 20 seconds, jumping jacks for 20 seconds, then 20 seconds of rest. You would repeat this pattern until you reach your 10-minute goal.

Workout At Home With Kids

If you aren't quite ready to head back out into the world yet, or if you just don't have the option for anything other than a home workout, you might be wondering how you could possibly get a good full-body workout in a while also raising children.

If you can incorporate your child into your workout, for example, putting down a blanket or yoga mat and letting them pretend to workout, they may be entertained long enough for you to fit in a good workout at home. If your child just isn't interested in exercise, set up a safe space with a baby monitor and plenty of toys and let them have a little time to themselves while you focus on your workout plan.

At the end of the day, kids will be kids, and you just may not be able to get enough alone time to complete your workout. If your child is happy watching TV for a little while, go for it. You can keep them plenty busy when you are finished with your workout. Self-care is important! And if it really comes down to it, just be OK with your little one interrupting your workout from time to time. A little bit of exercise is better than no exercise.

Protein Boost Metabolism

When you embark on your 14-day workout plan journey, you'll want to make sure your diet supplements your new workout plan so your body can reap all the benefits of each full-body workout.

Protein has long been considered an asset when it comes to fitness, as it can help to naturally boost metabolism, which could help aid in weight loss as well. Stick to your meal plan as much as possible, but don't forget to stock up on healthy proteins like chicken, fish, nuts, and beans.

Get Adequate Rest

A body in motion wants to stay in motion ... but it will eventually wear out! If you want to continue putting in hard work with your 14-day workout plan, you'll need to get lots of rest! Take a bubble bath, read a book, go to bed early. Your body will thank you.

Choose Workouts That You Find Fun

Getting more exercise is on the top of most people's lists when it comes to revitalizing their lives. Whether it's a New Year's resolution or a post-quarantine promise, a new workout plan is a popular choice. But not everyone sticks with their fitness program. This isn't a problem with the program itself or with these people. It just means they would rather be doing something else.

If you find yourself frequently struggling to stick with a workout plan, try changing up your workout so that you actually enjoy what you are doing. If you hate upper body training, focus on your legs! If you can't stand HIIT training, try some gentle yoga. Engage in healthy activities that will tone muscle and get your heart rate pumping while you have fun, like swimming or roller skating.

The most important part of any workout plan is sticking with it, so make sure your workout plan is one you'll want to keep around.

The 14-day workout plan really is that simple—exercise tutorials, meal plans, and experts to help you along the way. So what you are waiting for? Sign up and get ready for a whole new you!