What Is The Best BMI Scale?

Most Americans set some sort of fitness or weight loss goal every year. 

In one survey, the majority of people asked had chosen a health-related goal for 2020 with 50 percent pledging to exercise more and 37 percent choosing weight loss as their goal.

Thankfully, there are all kinds of fitness trackers and smart scales to keep us all on track. 

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But a BMI scale doesn't just help you keep track of your body weight every day. These products can provide an overall reading of your body composition, helping you get a clearer picture of your fat mass, water weight, or even body age.

Similarly, fitness trackers and fitness apps can track movement, exercise level, and heart rate. It's never been easier for weight watchers to take their health and exercise routine into their own hands.

Let's take a quick look at overviews for each of FitTrack's available smart scales and their fitness tracker, along with the features provided by each product. 

The FitTrack Dara Scale

The FitTrack Dara Scale is a great choice for weight watchers of all types. This device offers 17 different readouts to track your health and fitness. Accurate readings are stored in the corresponding app of your choice, from Google Fit to Apple Health. This product is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust by activity and body type for more accurate metrics. 


  • 17 comprehensive readouts including BMI, BMR, body¬†water percentage, and more
  • Breakdown of progress over days, weeks, months, or years presented in hassle-free graphs and charts
  • Athlete mode, infant mode, and suggestions based on body type
  • Up to 8 users per device
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Syncing with Android¬†and IOS apps

The FitTrack Beebo Scale

The Beebo Family Smart Scale is intended for -- you guessed it: families!

As the name suggests, growing families will find their needs fully integrated, making this one of the best bathroom scales on the market for this demographic.

Pregnancy mode allows moms-to-be to track the progress of each trimester, while infant mode tracks the growth of the newest member of the family. Up to 8 users can share the same digital bathroom scale, keeping track of their individual data via their smartphones. 


  • 17 measurements including body fat percentage, bone mass, body age, and more
  • Convenient graphs and charts detailing daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly data
  • Pregnancy and infant modes for the growing family
  • Track up to 8 users with individual profiles
  • Wi-Fi¬†and Bluetooth¬†syncing
  • Android and IOS compatibility¬†

The FitTrack Atria Watch

The FitTrack Atria Smartwatch is a user-friendly fitness tracker that takes all of your actions into account every day. A quick run to the grocery store? The smartwatch will count your steps. Jogging before work? Take advantage of integrated heart rate monitors. Tucking in for the night? Find out how just how much sleep you get.


  • Rechargeable with a 7+ day battery life
  • Fitness and health tracking including steps taken, heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, and more
  • Smartphone notifications including calendar, calls, and texts
  • Music streaming capabilities
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Syncs to both Android and IOS
  • Waterproof
  • LCD¬†Touchscreen

Smart BMI Scale Buying Guide

So, you're ready to purchase one of the best smart scales on the market ... but you have no idea where to start or what features will work best for you. Let's walk through some of the most important things to watch for when choosing a body fat scale.

What Information Can These Scales Provide?

Body composition scales offer so much more than just body weight readouts. Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, a safe, low electrical pulse is sent through the body to determine body mass index, bone mass, fat mass, muscle mass, and more based on the speed at which the pulse moves through the entire body.

This data offers a unique and useful view of your full body health, helping you to personalize your weight loss journey to suit your individual needs. For example, an increase in total pounds along with an increase in water percentage lets you know you are well-hydrated or retaining water. Whereas if the total pounds and body fat percentage were to increase at the same time, you would be able to focus on fat loss to maintain overall health.

How Easily Do BMI Scales Sync To Your Phone?

Smart scales are incredibly easy and convenient to use. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, these devices send your data to your fitness app by immediately syncing to your smartphone.

Both Android and IOS users are able to take advantage of these features, as the FitTrack brand is compatible with both Google Fit and Apple Health products.

All you need to do is open the app before you step onto your bathroom scale and your device will take over, sending your information to your app.

Is It Accurate?

BIA is a high precision method for body composition monitors. Remembering your weigh-ins every day also helps to improve accuracy by creating a daily, weekly, or monthly average of your metrics. Studies have shown FitTrack scales to be accurate to within 3 percent of a DEXA scan, a process often used by medical professionals, making it a highly accurate method to measure body fat. 

How Easy Is The App To Use?

The compatible data tracking app is a breeze to use. Your metrics are sent to the app automatically, meaning you don't need to spend any time updating your daily weigh-ins. However, there are options for manual updates, ensuring you never miss a readout. Because these apps are compatible with most mobile operating systems, anyone can have instant and accurate readings in the palm of their hand. Truly hands-off weight watchers can rely on automatic suggestions based on your personal readings, lifestyle, and body type. Compatibility with most phone operating systems add to the convenience factor.


FitTrack smart scales are sleek and easy to incorporate into any bathroom decor. Frosty white tempered glass in smooth square or stadium shapes. Silver pads conduct the electrical pulse used to determine body composition. And an easy-to-read LCD screen displays results. 

The FitTrack Atria Smartwatch is also easy to match to any style. The solid black band and rectangular black LCD, touch screen watch face feature a stylish, universal aesthetic that will fit right in with any of your outfits. Those on-the-go type users won't have to worry about frequent recharging sessions thanks to the 7+ day battery life.

Trend Data 

BMI scales and fitness trackers provide users with the ultimate knowledge of trend data that helps them to determine when they are most likely to lose or gain muscle mass, water percentage, fat mass, and more. This helps you not only to create a diet or exercise routine that works for you but to also see how your daily habits affect your overall health, allowing for adjustments to be made if necessary. These metrics are provided in easy-to-read charts, taking the hard work and confusion out of your health routine.

These metrics can be incredibly valuable, as some studies have shown those who conduct daily weigh-ins are connected to an increase in significant (at least 1 percent) weight loss over the course of the following 12 month period.

Smart Features

The FitTrack app suggests changes that could be made to improve your health based on your daily habits and body type. Wi-fi and Bluetooth compatibility means your data is automatically sent to your phone, adding to this hassle-free experience. Once each individual user has finished syncing their smartphone to their digital bathroom scale, the device will automatically detect which user is weighing-in and will upload to their profile.

FitTrack fitness trackers offer 7 different exercise modes, to keep you covered no matter how you prefer to get moving. The Atria can double as a smartwatch, offering notifications for calls, texts, or calendar events. Streaming music can be played through the watch, keeping you entertained while you workout. 


FitTrack products are more than just typical, every day weight scales, they are full body analyzers that have been proven to provide highly accurate body composition readings allowing you to take full control of your overall health. High precision health readouts are accessible to all users regardless of interface preference thanks to open compatibility with various mobile phones. Shoppers can order through the FitTrack website and take advantage of smart scale and fitness tracker bundles and can opt to pay in installments. For those who prefer it, FitTrack products can be purchased through Amazon for easy and free delivery. 

So, if you are considering choosing weight loss or improved health as your upcoming New Year's resolution (as many of us likely are) consider one of these devices and treat yourself for the upcoming holidays.