Why Data Is Important For Weight Loss


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Data is one of those buzzwords these days with so many health brands giving you the right data. But do you know what the right data actually is? At FitTrack, we have flipped the traditional health and wellness journey on its head by starting with the data and not a standard diet or workout plan. This is how you can lose weight faster with FitTrack.

Everyone’s health is unique, so should your wellness plan

You may have heard from a friend on how to easily lose weight. They may have said that all you need to do is to eat healthier. This one size fits all solution is probably not the case for you. To successfully lose weight and make a lasting lifestyle change, it takes way more than just healthy eating. This is why we completely redesigned the FitTrack Health app to include the most important metrics that you need to know to properly lose those extra pounds.

Know your body better and what to focus on to lose those stubborn pounds. Even areas you may not easily see. For example, learn how your body fat percentage ranks against industry standards. 

Within the all-new FitTrack Health app, we have included important health metrics like heart rate tracking, calorie counting, historical weight tracking, and sleep analysis. Easily set goals and know how close you are to achieving them! 

Do you know the right way to lose weight?

The change you are wanting to make is going to tough and will take a lot of self-learning. Learning what you need to do for you and not a standard plan, use the brand new Atria Tracker and Dara Smart Scale. They are the smart support you need to achieve your goals.

“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.”– Julius Erving

FitTrack Dara Influencers

The Dara Smart BMI Scale reads 17 different health metrics that are specific to you including body fat percentage, hydration levels, and 15 other metrics. Your personal body scan is completed in seconds and all you need to do is to step on the scale.

FitTrack Atria

The brand new Atria Tracker has over 5 health tracking metrics including sleep analysis, heart rate tracking, and step counting.

This data empowers you to make informed decisions about your body and customize your health journey.

Say goodbye to the fad diets that you think may work for you because using FitTrack, you will have the right information that is personalized for you and only you. 

It’s your time for a lasting change! Tag us in your progress pictures on Instagram and Facebook and we will share our favorites of #FitTrackers!