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Your Scale Could Be Sabotaging Your Health Goals… That’s Why You Need FitTrack!
FitTrack gives you 17 separate measurements so you can fine-tune your efforts. That’s Why 83% of FitTrack users reach their weight goals within 6 months!
"I’ve gotten all my clients a FitTrack Scale because of it’s accuracy. Being able to go beyond your body metrics and getting insights has also been very helpful"
Erin Johnson Celebrity Fitness Trainer
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“Best weight loss tool you’ll need”

“#1 Health Tool of 2022”

“The Most Accurate Smart Scale Out There”

Your Scale IS NOT Giving You the Full Picture

If you’ve ever felt like your weight wouldn’t budge, no matter what you do…

Or wondered whether you’re gaining muscle, fat, or water weight?

You’re not alone. 

So when you see your scale go up a pound or two, even though you’ve been eating *just right* and working out to exhaustion…

It can be enough to send you straight into a pint of ice cream or a family size bag of chips.

But the problem ISN’T your motivation or your work ethic.

The problem is your bathroom scale.

It can’t show you that the extra 2 pounds is actually muscle weight or water retention…

The lack of insight is frustrating, overwhelming, and powerful enough to sabotage your best efforts.

What’s more, all the stress and worry about your weight makes it even harder to reach your health goals and target weight! 

Without the full picture, your hard work, dedication, and daily weigh-ins could actually be sending you on a downward spiral.

“The scale isn’t the only way to gauge whether you’re headed in the right direction.”
–  The American Heart Association
Thankfully There’s A Better Way…

To reach your weight loss goals, you have to track more than just your weight.

 That’s a fact.

And the best way to do that? By taking into consideration other body metrics like muscle weight, water retention, metabolism, and more.

In fact, a study published on the National Institutes of Health website states:
“Focusing on body composition is essential because even more important than overall weight loss is sustainably losing fat mass
(FM) while maintaining lean body mass (LBM).

But how can you get that type of information without complex medical machines and body scans?

Finally, there’s an at-home tool that gives you instant access to information about your body, such as:

  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Bone Mass
  • Water Composition
  • and 13 more Measurements

Meet FitTrack. It’s recommended by doctors, used by celebrities, and loved by over 1.2 million customers.

It is within 3% accuracy of the DEXA scan machine – the industry's gold standard for accurate body fat readings.

And it could be your new secret weapon in achieving your health, weight, and wellness goals.

FitTrack Smart Scale
  • Accurate (+/- 3% DEXA Scan)
  • Includes Wellness Plans
  • Nutrition Tracking & Foodscan
  • Science-Backed Workouts
  • Personalized Body Insights & Recommendations
Other Smart Scale
  • Low Accuracy (+/- 8% DEXA Scan)
  • No Wellness Plans
  • No Nutrition Tracking
  • No Workout Plans
  • No Personalized Body Insights & Recommendations
FitTrack Features
Muscle Mass
Body Fat %
Fat Mass
Body Water
Bone Component
Basic Metabolism
Visceral Fat
Physical Age
Rate of Protein
Standard Body
Weight Control
Obesity Levels
Fat FreeWeight
Muscle %
Amount of Protein
Body Weight
Accurate Information = Better Results

People all over the world are getting better insight into their bodies…

And making more effective plans…

So they can reach their health and weight goals faster!

Most Accurate Scale on the Market
Trusted by A-listers and celebs because it’s more accurate.
Better Understand Your Body
Accept and work with your body, not against it.
Plan More Effectively
Knowledge is power! That’s why 83% of users reach their goals within 6 months.
Mental Wellbeing – No More Worry
Peace of mind that you’re not doing the “wrong thing.”
“I bought the Dara and it changed my life and approach to health. I use it every day and continue to love it. I look at my body differently, I no longer stress about the number on the scale. I have been going to the gym for six years now and have never been this motivated. Its given me a whole different mindset and I am so thankful for that. I would totally recommend the Dara to everyone.”
Thomas B.
Verified Buyer
I love the detail and accuracy, and being able to know WHY I weigh what I do, not just WHAT I weigh. I feel like I will be able to better fine tune my daily diet and amp up my exercise to be way more effective because of FitTrack! It's a good reminder that my weight is more than a number.
Denis C.
Verified Buyer
This scale is pretty amazing!! I was diagnosed with type-2 and my doctor got me a FitTrack monitor …and it’s been amazing. I love that I can easily see how my diet and different lifestyle habits affect my body…I’ve used other smart scales before, but this one was super accurate when I compared it to the expensive hospital scans.
Rebecca B.
Verified Buyer

FitTrack is the #1 most-trusted smart scale on the market, because it’s more accurate than any smart scale out there.

And here’s the thing:

You can reach your health and weight goals faster when you have an accurate, complete picture of what’s going on in your body. And the FitTrack scale is within 3% accuracy of the DEXA scan, the industry’s gold standard for body composition.

Right now, you can get your own FitTrack at an additional 20% off. This offer can even be stacked on top of other offers, so the price is crazy low.

This ONE PURCHASE is full of possibilities…

Because 7 out of 10 users lose significantly more fat mass in the 3 months following the installation of their scale.

It puts your health metrics into context. It tracks your progress. And above all, it’s motivating, NOT discouraging.

Don’t postpone your health any longer.

Achieve your best self with FitTrack.