How to Get the Best Results

For best results we recommend you weigh in at least once per day, first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom.
Having a body water of 50-55% will ensure the most accurate results.
If you are consistently weighing in with low or high body water, a change to body water will have adverse effects on metrics (water weighs you down).
So, trying to keep your body water consistent (50-55%) is optimal not just for the scale, but for your own health.
It is also optimal for the liberation of fat into energy, and the construction of new muscle tissue.

If you are interested in weighing in multiple times per day, the scale will automatically consider the weigh-in with the most optimal body water as the most accurate for that day.
Remember that weight change is fundamentally slow. Tissue change is inherently slower than food consumption.
For example, you may have lost 1lb of fat this week, but if you have a 2lb meal before weighing in, then you’re not going to necessarily see the results of your hard work.

This is why we recommend weighing in daily and looking at trends over time. They will be unmistakable when looking at a period of a week, or more.
Despite this, the reason not to weigh in only once per week, is because we want to have a collection of data sufficient to be able to throw out weigh-ins that are indicative of large meals.